C.No.: S/2/PN/55/2002-Cus(T)
Public Notice No.: 50/2002

Date:   31.07.2002


Sub.: Customs-Import and export of gems and Jewellery items a personal carriage by passengers-Reg.

Attention of all concerned is invited to the provisions of para 4.4.15 and6.24 of Exim Policy 2002-7 and para 4.82 & 6.24 of the Handbook of procedures 2002-07 which allow personal carriage of gems and jewellery items tro be exported or imported through passengers of India/Foreign origin. In respect of clearance of such goods through Rajiv Gandhi international Air Port (RGI Airport), Hdyerabad procedures as detailed below shall be followed with immediate effect.


A.P. State Trading Corporation (APSTC)  Air Cargo Complex, Begumpet, Hyderabad have bee appointed as custodian by the Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise, RGI Airport, Hyderabad vide Public Notice No. 151/86-Cus dated 31.12.1986 issued under section45(I) of Customs Act, 1962.


Under this scheme passengers will be permitted to carry gems and jewellery items of behalf of importer who is otherwise permitted to import such goods, in accordance with the Exim Policy in force and in accidence with the provisions of para. mentioned above Exim Policy and Handbook of Procedures 2002-07.

The Passengers on arrival at the RGI Airport, Hyderabad shall present the parcel containing the gems and jewellery items brought by him and declare the details of the items before the Customs officer at a specially designed counter in the Customs arrival hall. While presenting the parcel, the same will be sealed with Customs seal. The passenger also shall put his dated signature as a token of having sealed the same in his presence. After sealing the parcel, station duty officer (SDO) will issue a Detention Receipt (DR) to the passenger for detection and custody of the parcel and the parcel will then kept in the custody of SDO. The DR will be made in the name of passenger A/c. the firm/company on whose behalf the parcel is imported. While depositing the parcel with SDO the passenger shall mak3 the following endorsement on the DR "parcel sealed and deposited with SDO in my presence" DO shall ensure that all the details such as full name of the passenger, his passport no. and date, address of the passenger and the flight no. are properly entered in the DR. After the preparation of the DR and sealing of the parcel, the passenger along with the sealed parcels will be escorted by the Customs officer to the premises of the custodian at Air Cargo Complex. The custodian will then accept the sealed parcel and shall acknowledge the receipt of the parcel on the reverse of the DR and indicate the serial no. of the Import Register Maintained by the Custodian (IR No.) 

Since the parcel is imported by the passenger in behalf of an importer, it shall be ensured by the passenger that the name and address of the firm is clearly indicated on the parcel which will be treated as "Mks and Nos" for the purpose of declaration on the Bill of Entry. The import/export code No. and PAN/BIN no., of the firm/company will be required to be declared in the bill of entry at the time if clearance of the parcel. it shall be noted that no charges of the name and address of the firm/company declared at the time of arrival shall be permitted at a later stage.

The custodian shall maintain proper account of receipt and clearance of such parcel and file the original Personal Carriage Transfer Manifest (PCTM) with the Customs at Air Cargo Complex. The importer will be permitted to clear the goods at Air Cargo Complex as usual except that the original DR shall be pasted with the original copy of the Bill of Entry in place of Air way bill in the case of normal imports.


In order to facilitate the export benefit claims of the exporter, export of gems and jewellery items intended to be carried by foreign bound passengers will be permitted to be exported only against shipping bill. The exporter or his authorized clearing agent shall present the parcel to the jewellery appraiser at Air Cargo Complex for assessment and clearance well in advance of the departure passenger. The exporter also shall make a declaration in the Shipping Bill that "the goods covered by this Shipping Bill will be exported as Personal Carriage by passenger ....................... holding Passport No......................, issued on ...................traveling abroad on flight no, dated ........................ The Procedure in respect assessment and clearance shall be the same as in the case of normal exports. Due to security reasons, since the parcel will have to be sealed by Customs, is respect of export of such parcel from Air cargo Complex, the goods will be subjected to examination by Customs in Air Cargo Complex. After examination and completion of the assessment formalities, the parcel will be sealed by Customs in presence of the exporter or his authorised agent.

After assessment is completed and Let Export Order (LEO) is given, the original and duplicate copies if the Shipping Bill and GR will be handed over to the Escort Officer, along with the parcel containing the Jewellery to e exported. The Triplicate copy of the Shipping Bill will be handed over to the exporter as Proof. The custodian at Air Cargo Complex will receive the acknowledgement from the Customs Excort Officer as to the receipt of the parcel. Customs Escort Officer will deposit the parcel along with the original and duplicate copies of the Shipping Bill with SDO. The SDO will check the Customs seal at the time of receipt and shall make entire in the export register maintained at the Airport.

The Passenger after completion if immigration formalities shall approach the Customs SDO with the EP copy of the Shipping Bill and the authorized from the exporter in the format annexed from collecting the parcel to be carried by him. After verifying the details of the passenger with reference to the Shipping Bill, passport and boarding card, SDO shall handover the sealed cover to the passenger. The SDO shall obtain acknowledgement from the passenger as to the receipt of the export parcel. The passenger along with the export parcel then be escorted upto the aircraft. The officer will endorse the duplicate and triplicate copies of the Shipping Bill with 'exported vide Flight No,,,,,,,,,,,,,.dated..........."and the  supporting duplicate copy of the Shipping Bill to the SDO who will in turn forward the same along with original copy of the Shipping Bill and the GR to the Air Cargo Complex.


It is clarified that exporter should comply with the provisions of para 4.4.15 & 6.24 of the Exim Policy 2002-07 and para 4.811,4.82 &6.24 of the Hand Book of Procedures 2002-07 in the case if personal carriage of gems and Jewellery items by passengers.